GlobalGivers Covid-19 Stimulus relief

The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. The new corona-virus has taken thousands of lives and spread to nearly every country in the world. On this note, the Global Giving Disaster Network has decided to release grant free non refundable grant relief funds to affected victims and families around the world as we have our major fundings in billions of dollars from global humanitarian organisations like W.H.O, UNICEF, UNESCO, ILO, UN, WORLD BANK, IMF and a host of others. You can qualify to receive over $2,000,000 in this humanitarian grant relief funds that will be delivered to you right-away once you apply and know you are eligible to receive it. To verify your eligibility, please contact the information below: Email: Site: Challenge: This crisis threatens everyone’s way of life, but it is especially difficult for people who are already vulnerable, including those with pre-existing medical conditions, older adults, individuals experiencing homelessness, refugees and migrants, wage workers, and those with inflexible jobs.